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January 27, 2016Monitor and automate your home/health/farm/business remotely through the internet with Smart Premises from Range.

The control is at your fingertips for lighting, motion detection, temperature, flood detection and alerts for open doors, gates or windows by text, e-mail or calls. Know when someone is on your property whether you are home or not. Update or add video cameras, alarms, recordings, door locks that can be controlled from anywhere. Automate temperature and lighting to lower your electric bills. Get peace of mind with Smart Premises home packages… starting at just $24.95 a month. Call Range today for an estimate, 800-92-RANGE.

The key difference to Smart Premises is that this is a preventive surveillance system versus the traditional reactionary systems. It is an affordable secure cloud based system, with higher camera quality and devices that communicate back to each other which can then be accessed from virtually anywhere with a Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Smart Premises Video Introductions